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FEI can assist you with a range of financial offerings that are designed to help you achieve rapid growth.

As a business owner, funding and growth are paramount. Either you will have too many sales and not enough cash, or need to invest in inventory or new assets to ensure your company’s growth or survival in a competitive marketplace. We are here to help.

For when your business needs an injection of cash to beef up working capital, so you can fund growth, new business development or other opportunities.

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Release money invested in furniture, computers and other assets and spend it where you need it most. All of a sudden your money is alive again.

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Our industry-leading vendor financing program is backed by aggressive rates and weekly funding which improves cashflow.

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Make your business cash flow. Release the money tied up in your debtors’ ledger that can be more effective as vital working capital.

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If you’re a developer looking for funds to get your building project off the ground or ready for completion, FEI offers a range of solutions.

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Money coming your way