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Growth opportunities and unexpected challenges pop up when you’re running a business. And when it comes to having access to extra funds, timing makes all the difference.
FE Investments remove the pressure of funding your SME growth.

Get a loan of $5,000 to $50,000 in as little as 24 hours*
to spend on:

- Unexpected bills (like inventory expenses or repairs)
- Business improvements
- Rapid response marketing to seize an opportunity
- Fulfilment of a large stock order

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Why choose FE Investments?

  • Application process is quick, easy and online
  • Finance is available without the security of property or other fixed assets
  • Finance can be available to smaller businesses that do not meet the banks’ rigorous lending criteria
  • We look at more than current figures and past performance
  • We will get back to you quickly – often within one working day – with a decision

Fast Cash Specialists

Andrew Pike
Head of Lending
021 195 6644
Juri Zacest
Head of LeaseTech
021 736 012

*Subject to FE Investments Group Lending Criteria.

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