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An Alternative to Injecting more Capital

As your business grows, access to working capital is vital. You may wish to increase your stock holding, manage debtors, add staff numbers or put your business on the map with a smart marketing strategy.

Adequate working capital gives you the ability to optimise the opportunities as they arise. Injecting extra capital is not always possible and FE Investments can assist you with a working capital solution that will remove the pressure of funding your growth.

We can assist you with capital solutions which remove the pressure of funding your growth.

We can provide you with Commercial Loans, Business Loans, Working Capital facilities and an ability to borrow off your current or proposed Cashflow and Structured Finance.

The application process is simple and quick, and we will develop a plan that works for you, with terms, repayments and structure to suit your business needs.

Growth Funding when you need it

  • Want to grow your business but need working capital?
  • Don’t want to have to put your house on the line?
  • Tired of talking to a bank or funder who leads you along and then makes unrealistic demands on your assets?

We have helped thousands of businesses over the years. Your success and our success are linked in fundamental ways, and we are seeking long-term financial services relationships with businesses who require funding to grow.

You don’t know what’s around the corner, but you do need to be ready for a range of situations that can impact on the success of your business

  • Rapid response marketing to seize a limited window of opportunity
  • The need to cope with unexpected situations such as equipment failure
  • Anything else where money in the short term makes a difference long term

In planning your growth, you need a variety of options for asset investment. FE Investments will work with you to create a tailored solution appropriate to your needs, operating within the financial parameters that count for you. Our finance specialists will ensure you navigate that uncertain territory with confidence, allowing you to buy, lease, or hire equipment as required.

You may not benefit by actually owning the assets you require. It’s a decision for which you need to take into account the need for maintenance and repairs, periodic updates when better options become available, etc. Whatever the best course of action, FE Investments can support you.

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