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Vendor Finance Options for your Own Customers

As an equipment vendor, never miss out on potential income again with a market-leading vendor finance program designed to suit your needs.

Reduce the perceived Cost of Sales

A FEI Vendor Finance facility enables you to increase revenue and margins, while also close sales that have historically broken down due to equipment price.

Rather than paying upfront for equipment, your customers can instead pay monthly on simple rental or lease terms. You are paid in full once an eligible customer makes a purchase.

Give your salespeople a fast-to-close payment option (approval within 48 hours) and a flexible range of responses to client situations.

Tomorrow's Money, Today

However effective you are at controlling your finances, your business is always at the mercy of clients that may take 60 days to pay what they owe you. FEI enables you to smooth out the bumps of the cash cycle with Invoice Factoring.

To cope with the uncertainties of bill payment, and remove that layer of financial stress, we ensure you receive up to 90% of money owed within 48 hours of an invoice being sent.

How our vendor finance application process works

Complete the online application - usually takes 5-10 minutes
We get back to you with a decision or questions within 24 hours
Begin using our finance facility within a few days

Talk directly to one of our vendor finance specialists

A Tailored Vendor Finance facility from FEI

Whether you’re looking for an easy method for customers to finance purchases, or would like to speed up the time it takes invoices to be paid, we can tailor a FEI Vendor Finance facility to suit your needs.

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