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If the Bank is Hard to Deal with

The banks provide a vital range of services and have many fine qualities. However, they are not always able to see the wood for the trees and cannot assist with some applications, even if you are an established and treasured customer.

As a non-bank deposit taker, FEI provides investors with reasonable returns. It does that through insightful investigation, understanding business and identifying X Factor. You have backed yourself and succeeded. So if you are ready for the next successful project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We understand property financing and the sometimes difficult process. FE Investments has the experience and resources to help your project thrive.

Property Finance Options

When borrowing on short term bridging basis, the expectation is to repay the loan at a given time from a specific source or event. You have done the planning and the hard work, and the forecasts look good, BUT, sometimes the unexpected happens and things do not go to plan. That is why it is always good to have Plan B, and FEI may be able to help with bridging loan to cover the unexpected.  For assistance with your Plan B requirements, contact us.

When you seek development finance you expect to deal with people that know the ropes and understand how development projects work. FEI has a proven track record of backing successful projects and understands you need prompt, confidential and efficient financing for your project with a structure and terms that suit your needs.

When you are looking for finance for your farm or rural enterprise you want to deal with people that understand your requirements and experience to ensure your need is matched with the right financial package.

FEI has the knowledge and experience in the New Zealand rural sector so we can provide insightful input for you when considering finance options. If you are looking to expand your current operation, restructure or consolidate FEI can provide a financial solution that works.

Property Finance Specialists

Andrew Pike
Head of Lending
021 195 6644
Juri Zacest
Leasing Specialist
021 736 012

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